My name is Jade and I am the maker behind BlueStar Boutique.

Originally from Taiwan, I moved to Canada with my family when I was a child. Growing up, I had many hobbies. I made earrings for myself, and clothing for my dolls, picking up more crafting hobbies as I grew older. Aside from crafting, I am also a big animal lover, and took courses to work in the animal field.

When my Bearded Dragon, Mushu, passed away in late 2016,  I dug into my crafting supplies and researched different medias to be able to incorporate ashes. That was when I discovered UV Resin. (read about the difference on UV Resin in the Blog section)  


Most of the jewelry pieces I create are made with UV Resin unless stated otherwise.  Each piece is individually handmade with uniqueness in mind.  As we are all unique and who wants to own something everyone else has anyways. 

I am also a travel bug, and is always on the look out for crafting inspirations. So check back often for new, one of a kind items.