In October 2016, the heavens gained a sweet little soul, my bearded dragon, Mushu. She lived a good 10 years and was the first pet that I had lost. After her passing, I spent some time searching online for a memorial jewelry that was fashionable, meaningful and affordable. While there were many great options available, I just could not find the perfect one for me. 

And in March 2018, I said goodbye to my best friend, Jackie. It seemed like it was yesterday, my mom drove me out to the suburb one sunny summer afternoon in 2001.  Once we got there, the owner lead us to the pen of 10 day old puppies. He was the puppy with a small white strip on his face, and we fell instantly in love. A month and a half later, He came home with us and we were inseparable ever since. 

I decided to dig into my crafting hobbies and started experimenting on what I could do to make that perfect memorial piece for myself. That is how the

::Summer and Night Sky:: Necklace designs were born, I now carry a little piece of heaven everywhere with me and you can too.


You have the option to have your loved one's ashes incorporated into ANY of the products I offer, turning it into a beautiful and unique memorial jewelry piece. 

------ How it works ------

1) Take a look at the Gallery and decide on a product and colour scheme you like. If you can't find what you like, we can always discuss the design. 
**The Summer Sky pendant necklace is the most popular design. (Clear and light blue resin orb with white clouds and pearl powder. photo on the right.)

2)  Please send around 2 teaspoons of your loved one's ashes to the address provided once you have placed your order. Please wrap well, we recommend doubled ziplocked bagged and in a sturdy envelope.  

(you will be responsible for shipping)

4)You will be contacted once the ashes has been received and we are starting your order.  (Current turn around time for custom orders is 3-5 business days)

5) Once completed, we will ship the product to you along with any unused ashes. (you will be responsible for shipping)

NOTE: Cremation ashes may also change color during the process. This is because of the chemical makeup of the individual and cremation process therefore each piece may be different.

All MEMORIAL jewelry must be mailed out with a tracking number.

Feel free to email us if you have any other questions!


------ Past Commissions ------