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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

An official Hello from BlueStar Boutique :) I put off on creating a website for BlueStar Boutique for quite a while. Mainly because 2018 had been such a emotional year for me personally.

BlueStar Boutique was started in 2017, after I fell in love with working with UV Resin. I started experimenting and designing different jewerly products for sale online and at local handmade markets. In 2018, BlueStar Boutique had to be put on hold, due my inability to balance work, personal life and my hobby. If you had to chance to browse through the pages, you will know that I lost my best friend this year, my beloved dog of 17years. I did a lot of self reflecting the following few months and decided to go back to my basics and take a break. I quite my full-time job of being a flight attendant, and went back to work part-time at where my passion has always been, a specialty animal hospital. This also gave me more time to focus on BlueStar Boutique.

With a background in Animal nursing and losing my own beloved pets, I notice the limited amount of memorial jewelry selections out there. With BlueStar Boutique's mission for all items to be made with uniqueness in mind and the giving nature of resin, I am able to make one of a kind memorial pieces.

I hope BlueStar Boutique will grow not only as a jewelry line but also a small community where we can share the stories of those whom we loved, people or pets.

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